Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Fun with Friends!

For Memorial day this year we enjoyed a nice weeny roast, some Bocci ball, and a board game with some great friends!

Anniversary Weekend!!

This year was my year to plan our anniversary! So, Saturday Will and I went to Adventure Landing and played loads of sweet arcade games. I even got to show Will my skills in the batting cages (he's not too bad either!!). Later that night I took him to a drive in movie where we got to see a double feature!! Indiana Jones and Iron Man (both great)!! It was a fantastic anniversary...good luck trying to top this next year!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

2 Year Anniversary!!

On May 13th Will and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary!

So in love...

The button Will got me says "Perfect Wife"

Monday, May 12, 2008


Jenn flew to Florida to surprise her brother, Matt, for his 17th birthday and Mom(s) for Mother's day. I also got to meet my new nephew Jacob! What a great weekend!!!

Matt (the birthday boy), my "little" brother.

Cute and talented..."double threat"

Mom and I riding in her new convertible!!

The wind blown look is in....right?

What a pretty pink bag pal...Happy Birthday!

You can always count on a "classy" tee from Sis and Will for gifts.

Paintball (don't want to run into this bunch of hooligans at night)

Hostess with the mostess (as always)

The boys

The Cake (he didn't even have to get out of the water)

So Happy Together...

We love Mom (not shopping)

How are you not single??

Justin and Aunt Jenn being crazy!


You're never too old for Mouse Ears!

The men of the Bell family

Nona and Jacob

A Proud Papa

A sweet kiss

Jacob Matthew Bell

Playtime with Mom and Dad

Brotherly love

Favorite Aunt Jenn :o)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Jenn's Tooth Extravaganza!

This week I had my long anticipated oral surgery! I had two teeth removed and a bridge put in place. Here are the before and after pictures from the whole thing...

Two root canals, a baby tooth, and a lot of pain!

5 shots of Novocaine, gas, and 4 hours later!

My new million dollar smile!!

It took 45 minutes for that one stinking tooth to come out!